Official Rules


  • Teams of 1-5 (minimum age of 13)
  • Anyone from around the world can enter

Submission Requirements

All files must be submitted on the submission deadline on Devpost.

  1. Link to Demo video (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo). Your video should be around 5 minutes long and include a demo of your working application. Feel free to make your video longer with background + pitch.
  2. Repository access to your working application for judging and testing. Include a link to your repo hosting the code and all deployment files and testing instructions needed for testing your project in a file. (Repositories may be public or private — if your repository is private, share access with AND
  3. Submission form on Devpost before the deadline, Sunday, April 25th at 11:59PM EDT.

A video is required. Devpost platform accepts links to YouTube, Vimeo or Youku for videos. Although we require 5 minute video for brevity teams can submit longer length videos. Video must show demo of the product. Suggestions for parts in a longer video, entire pitch deck, team, future hopes. 

File Upload

Link to github repo and submit whole project in a .zip file on DevPost


The platform requires contestants to enter an entry name and description. Include any specific instructions for these and any custom fields we’ve created for you in your rules.

Submission Rights & Display

  • Right to winners’ names to promote the competition
  • Right to display submission on MinorityProgrammers website and social media


Prizes & Winner Selection

  • Our team of judges will select the winners based on the rubric provided above
  • The prize scaling will be decided when all the funding has been finalized

Considerations to Make In Software Submissions

Below are some things to cover with software submission requirements:

Functioning App

A clickable prototype at the least is required for this competion. However submissions of designs only will be considered and potentially developed in the future to full scale applications, but will not win the competition.


Application can run on any device, however portability is a rubric criterion and a video demo must be uploaded.


The app required to fulfill the challenges posted on the HackWeekend.

Topic / Categories

New vs. Existing

Apps must be new for the competition unless HEAVILY modified for this competition

Multiple Apps

Contestants can only submit one application with their group.