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over 2 years ago

FAQ for ClimateHacks

Participants, we know you've been questions about Climate Hacks to get clarity about the competition coming up. Well, now your questions have been answered! The following are frequently asked questions for this weekend's ClimateHacks competitions.


Q: When does the competition start?

A: Saturday morning, EST time,


Q: Can I turn in an old project? 

A: No.


Q: Can I work alone?

A: Yes, up to teams of 5. 


Q: What does a submission look like? When is the submission deadline?

A: Sunday 11:59 PM EST - may have to change devpost to see this.


Q: What are individual prize amounts?

A: Total is $1000, we need to figure out the split.


Q: When will judgment be?

A: Judging (including Devpost People's choice) will be from Monday-Tuesday Prize being announced via Discord and Minority Programmers Youtube on Wednesday at 12PM EST. 8 prizes going to 8 different teams.


Q: When will prizes be announced?

A: Prize being announced via Discord and Minority Programmers Youtube on Wednesday at 12PM EST


Q: Who is sponsoring this? 

A: Minority Programmes Association. 


Q: What do I have to submit?

A: The link to your code (or any important links in the in a PUBLIC GitHub repository AND a video submission containing a demo and your pitch (also include this in your GitHub readme)


Q: Is the problem statement on the devpost the final one or is it announced later and that's just an example?

A: Those are examples to get inspired off of with the real ones to be announced on Saturday.


Q: What do the first-place winners get?

A: $300

Q: What if I submit a clickable Figma prototype? Will I be then eligible to win the competition?

A: Yes, but it will most likely not win the grand prize category as opposed to a team coding out a solution. There is a best UI UX


Don't forget to join our discord! Please go to discord to get answers to any questions you might have, brainstorm, find-a-team and start building today. There are over 8 cash prizes for 8 different teams, so join the community today.


If you have any more questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.