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over 2 years ago

Deadline Reminder

Attention participants! Less than 7 hours until the Climate Hacks submission deadline. Make sure to use this time wisely! Keep working on your project and perfect your pitches. If you have any question you can ask them our discord! Here: 

How to submit:

1. Link to Demo video (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo). Your video should be around 5 minutes long and include a demo of your working application.

2. Repository access to your working application for judging and testing. Include a link to your repo hosting the code and all deployment files and testing instructions needed for testing your project in a file. (Repositories may be public or private — if your repository is private, share access with AND

3. Submission form on Devpost before the submission deadline.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.